Every year during football season the “Hawk Train” rolls into town.  It is a train near a large parking area that people going downtown to tailgate or head to the game can catch a ride.  Jason had talked about riding on it last year, but it did not happen.  But this year he declared it was on his “Iowa Bucket List”.   And with our son being a huge Hawkeye fan and the fact that kids ride free, it seemed like the perfect time.  Jason and Johnny both dressed in their Hawk gear on Saturday and our daughter dressed in her pink tights said “I wish I had an Iowa shirt” – which I totally had already bought one for her… but it was for her birthday.  I talked to Jason about it and we realized that come November 24th, much of the Hawk excitement would be over and it was the perfect day to surprise her with an early birthday present!  And was this girl ever excited!  She ran out of her room and gave her dad the biggest smile and said “THANK YOU!”  Here is the gang ready to head out!

And of course riding the train.  Jason said Belle kept asking to take off her coat, she wanted to show people her Hawk shirt!

And John Boy thought it was the C-O-O-L-E-S-T ride!  His quotes of the day: “Hawk Train, Hawk Train, Hawk Train!” 🙂

I do not even think they got off of the train downtown, they just rode it back to Coralville again and came home.  But it was well worth the adventure- Johnny is still asking to go back and see the Hawk Train again!