I love to give gifts.  And I learned that the reason I love to give gifts is that I love to receive gifts as well!  I read The 5 Love Languages years ago and realized this was “it” for me.  And while I do appreciate several other areas of love, gifts is by far the biggest in my life.  Big or small- I’m not picky.  Usually what I find for others and enjoy receiving is a smokin’ hot deal.  But it is just the thought that someone puts into finding a gift, thinking of me and then getting it to me– that is what warms my heart.

AND I love to get mail! 🙂  I have said it before, but getting the mail is one of the highlights of my day.  Usually just junk and bills, but you never know when an unexpected treasure will arrive in your mailbox! (Perhaps that is why I love free shipping on good deals, just so I can order it and it comes to me in a package so I get to open it!)

Yes, I am getting to a story here!  Tuesday when I went to check the mail and “Be still my beating heart…. but there is a package in my mailbox!”  One that I was not expecting.  I really was totally lost as to what it could be, but even more exciting was that it was address to me!!!!  (As a mother of kids, cute packages from far off places usually come for my kids…) I tore it open and you know what I found from my very dear friend Jess???  Check it:

A nursing cover!

(Sorry for no picture, it was not letting me upload it today…)

And this is no ordinary nursing cover.  No sir!  This is the cadillac of nursing covers- or at least in my mind! 🙂  I had seen this earlier this spring when Jess had it and instantly I fell in love.  It seemed like it was the perfect size (yes I tried it on months and months ago!) and it is gathered at the bottom in a few places so it automatically “wraps” itself around you.  Can I just say goodbye to the awkward tucking and holding while trying to nurse my baby in public!!  I have never been so excited to nurse a baby like I am this time around! 🙂

I did not have a nursing cover with Belle and my mother in law had made me two when Johnny was born.  However, my favorite of the two disappeared one weekend shortly after I started using it and the other was a bit smaller than what I was comfortable with.  Third time is a charm, so this time around I had planned to make my own.  Until I saw this baby and then realized that I HAD to have one.  I even went as far as to ask my husband to get it for me for Christmas.  And that is huge… HUGE people!  Because I love surprises as well, so knowing what gift I was going to get for Christmas from my honey?  Unheard of.  Until this year. Much to my delight I told him he could take the Christmas budget and do with it as he pleased and I’m even more excited for Christmas this year knowing there will be a surprise package or two waiting for me!

Well, you can imagine the smile on my face, and that happy dance that followed opening my package in the mail this week!  I’m still beaming today… 🙂  Thank you Jess for making my day!!