It was one of those “drive by garage sales”.  I was already going to the bank, saw the sign and decided to drive by and see if it was worth the stop with the kids. My gut told me no, there were a few plastic toys on the driveway and a garage full of stuff, but nothing screamed “stop”!  But then again, I didn’t have much to do for the next hour before we got lunch, so I parked the van, unloaded the kids and started walking.  The first 2 min inside I found myself thinking “I told you not to stop…”  But then I spotted these two gems:

$1.25 for a glass bread pan and another $1.25 for a glass pitcher!  *Enter happy dance!*  You see, over the last year I have been s-l-o-w-l-y trying to get our family away from plastics.  And while this is a work in progress (glass is expensive!) I have managed to change over my tupperware to this as I scored a deal the day after Thanksgiving last year.  My bread pans have been the most work to replace to say the least.  I had 4 metal ones that I had registered for from Target when we got married that were all scratched up and rusted.  I decided instead of replacing them with cheap metal ones again that will need replaced in a few years, that I would go ahead and find glass bread pans for my future baking needs.  Plus, I don’t bake bread all that much so I just kept putting it off.  Finally last spring I found a glass bread pan at a second hand store for $3.99 so I took the plunge, bought it and tossed the metal rusted ones.  My mom found me another glass bread pan at another second hand store for $3.99 so for the last 6-8 months I have been just using those two.  Due to me being sick and the hot weather, baking bread has not been on my priority list.  But now that the cool weather is here (hopefully to stay!) I am looking forward to more baking.  And at $1.25!  WOOT!  I wanted to ask if they had more inside… but I held my tongue. 🙂  And as far as pitchers go, I had this awesome huge tupperware one that I love that I snagged at a garage sale years ago for $1! It was perfect for large crouds and super durable.  However, it is plastic…. so in the back of my head I’ve been “watching” for a used glass one.  But again, glass pitchers are expensive, they break and are not usually very big.  However, for $1.25- I can’t go wrong- right? 🙂