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6 years ago today Mr. Jason Ross Rohlf asked me to marry him!  Wanna hear the story? Good- because I would love to tell it! 🙂

We had a long distance courting/engagement relationship.  He was in Ames and I was in Iowa City.  We had been dating for 4 months (known eachother and watched eachother from a distance for several years though) and I was excited for our 4 month dating anniversary to come along.  Because each month he would send me flowers at work- and my oh my did I love getting those! 

(Let me just start with saying that I had visited his work a few weeks before and noticed on the Beisser work calendar that it said “Jason off- on Sept 22”- 1 day after our dating anniversary.  He had not said anything about it to me, so I assumed he had something up his sleeve so I was on pins and needles all those days leading up to our dating anniversary.)

The morning of September 21st dawned and I went to work anxious for the day to begin.  It went along just as a normal day and I did not end up getting any flowers at work.  I was a little disappointed, but figured he would make up for it later.  I watched as 5pm rolled around and guessed he would show up at my work as a suprise.  Nope.  Then drove home to get some dinner and decided he must be waiting for me at my house with my roomates.  Nope.  Then off to band that night to sing and the entire time I was on stage I was thinking “Surely, he is going to walk through that door and ‘surprise’ me.”  Strike three.  Nothing.  Finally, after that meeting I decided to give up on trying to figure out what was going on and just be content with talking to him later on the phone that nigh.  Maybe his day off that I had seen on the calendar was something work related or with church stuff in Ames.  I had jumped to all sorts of conclusions that it was about me and it seemed at 8:30pm that night it was not about me at all.

I had been talking Mrs. Rachel B. Meyer earlier that week about seeing the paint color they had picked for their walls. She asked if I wanted to come over that night to see real quick after church and I said sure.  We were driving across town and I remember saying in the car something to the affect of “I came to the conclusion this week that if Jason asked me to marry him, I would say yes.”  And I remember her nodding her head and saying something in return.  (Jason and I had decided right away when we started dating to give our relationship about 6 months to see if God was leading us to be married so coming up on 4 months, I knew we were both figuring things out in our own heads.  Anyway, back to the good part. 🙂 )  We walked into her house and we went through the side door which was a little odd, but I didn’t think much of it.  And then I saw that there was a candle lit in the living room and again I thought “Rachel, do you leave candles burning when you are gone?” But didn’t say anything as she was talking and inviting me back to the bedroom to see the paint.  And then she handed me some greeting cards that she had made (and that I had requested she make for me at some point- seemed like a coincidence in my head that they were done that night)  I started slipping through the cards.  The first one looked normal, like some trees or something.  The second and third ones, however, were different.  I don’t entirely remember the details, but it had a picture of Rachel’s couch with some daisies, a picture of Jason and I and a sign that said “Happy Four Month Anniversary” on it.  I remember standing in the back room thinking, “What…..” I walk back down the hallway and to the living room to find 40 tea lights lit in the living room and the pile of stuff is still sitting on the couch.  (Did you ever see the movie Hope Floats?  The pictures she develops leads her to look outside and find her man?*  Yeah, it was just like that.)  Except no man on my part.  I was seriously confused.  I remember thinking “Rachel, I know it is Jason and I’s 4 month anniversary and this is quite romantic, but do you plan on the two of us splitting sandwich on the couch together?” 😉  I’m a little slow… I know.  It seemed like an eternity for my brain to sort things out, but then heard my honey’s voice and turned around to find him decked out in a suit and tie and a very big smile!  AWESOME!  Here I had tried to figure out all day long how he was going to make this day special (we had yet to be able to spend a weekday together since we lived 2 hrs away) so I was thrilled to be with him.  I couldn’t stop smiling!   Somewhere in there Rachel snuck back out of her house and Jason and I just sat on the couch talking and catching up on the day.  I seriously just thought “My boyfriend is here to celebrate our 4 month dating anniversary!”  Little did I know what the next 10 min would bring.

I remember things getting a little more serious as he pulled out his Bible and shared a verse with me.  Yep, I have no idea which one it was, but book was Song of Solomon, but the verse escapes me at the moment. 🙂 But he said something like, “I read that verse a few years ago and decided I would only share it with my wife”.  I stopped and looked at him thinking, “Is he for real?”  For starters he is still sitting on the couch… with no ring.  So this couldn’t be “it”, could it?  Then I took another look at him and the man was breathing so…. hard!  Like he was really nervous!  And I realized he was serious and this man was asking me to marry him!  Again, the details of the conversation are blurry at this point, but he did ask me to marry him (while sitting on the couch with no ring) and I said yes!  Then, he stood up and pulled out the ring and gave it to me.  He said later he didn’t want the ring to distract me, he wanted the answer first. 🙂  And to this day I have no idea why he did not get down on one knee, maybe because we were already sitting?  Not sure.  I will have to ask him about that one!

We continued to just sit together in the Meyers living room on their green couch.  (Which sadly is long gone.  😦  I should have bought it when they sold it.  And I’m seriously thinking about driving by their old house later tonight and remembering that night 6 years ago).  I tried on my new ring, we blew out the candles and went out to call friends and family that we were getting married!  After years of having the BIGGEST crush on this guy- I was going to get to be Mrs. Jason Rohlf!  O happy day!

I love you JRR- thanks for asking me to marry you!  By far the best decision I ever made – I love you!

*Jason wanted you all to know that credit goes to Rachel for the Hope Floats idea/pulling together a lot of the details… fyi*  Way to go Rach! 🙂