I really liked bleach.

Like….really really  liked bleach.

I would run my washer once a week with just bleach and water just to make sure the washer was clean.

Every cleaning product that I bought would say “with bleach”.

Seriously, I was obsessed.  Mostly because I hate/d germs.  I got teased all the time.  It did not matter, I was bound and determined to live a life without germs on/near/around me. (Yes, I am aware that there are good germs as well, but they are surrounded by bad germs so it seemed like a no-win situation to me).

Then I had kids. 🙂  Germs are everywhere.  Coughing, sneezing, pulling interesting objects out of the trash, ect.  I knew as soon as Belle was mobile I either had to lighten up or I was going to go crazy trying to de-germ-if-y my daughter.  Then came along my son and now a days, I will even let my kids eat food off the floor.  Ok, just sometimes. 🙂

In my quest for safer cleaning products to use around the house and my kids, I quickly realized that if I was going to be “safe” then I really needed to cut out my bleach habit.  As much as I loved the smell and knowing that it was killing everything I could not see, I knew in my heart of hearts (for my family- don’t mind if others use it!) that I had to give it up.  So I did.  I went cold turkey and quit using it completely.  However, due to my love of bleach, I still have half a bottle down stairs in my basement. 🙂  I haven’t used it in months, but somehow I comforted knowing it is still there “just in case” another one of my products doesn’t cut it.

At our old house, I didn’t really think about not using it once I set my mind to it.  However, when we moved into this home, I saw this upon entering:

A white sink???  Are you kidding me?  I grew up with one of these and I KNOW the amount of AJAX + BLEACH+ SCRUBBING it takes to get one of these babies clean.  What am I going to do?  I nearly caved and went out and bought a cleaning agent with a small amount of bleach in it to get the job done.  Because in a matter of days of having a “clean sink” these white sinks start to take on yellow/brownish hues and the scratches from doing dishes are everywhere.  I really really did not want to buy a cleaning agent (enter Ajax), but I really really did not want my sink to gross me out every time I did the dishes either.  So it got me thinking, “I wonder if my homemade soft scrub would work?”  Probably not, but I had it made and sitting under the sink, so I figured I would give it a try.  I grabbed me a 3M scrubbing pad and some of my soft scrub and went to work? And you know what????  IT WORKED!!

I know in the pictures it is hard to tell, but really there was a huge difference!  WOOT!  Now, it is not as great as bleach, that is for sure.  But the yellow and brown hues are all gone as are about 90% of the scratches!  It took some serious scrubbing and I let it sit for about 10 min before I rinsed it off- but can I tell you how happy of a momma I am?  I have a white sink again!!!  Or did a few days ago.  🙂 After this experience, I just might be able to get rid of that bottle of security bleach downstairs.  Then again, maybe not. 🙂