*All opinions are mine/ours.  This was my idea because we love ING so much!* 🙂

Have I written this post before?  I was just re-reading it before I went public with it and it seems so familiar! Hilarious if I have already– however, given my current mental status prego brain, I wouldn’t put it past me! 🙂

15?  I’m not even kidding.  I just logged into our ING online banking account and counted.  Why so many you ask?

A few years back we took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Seminar through our church.  And while I had a terrible attitude going into it, it was amazing the information that we learned through that class.  And while our envelope method looks completely different than what Dave suggests, we have adopted “different accounts” into our budget. (And I might add, the Sokoll children grew up on the envelope methods using actual envelopes from the time we had our first paper routes!)  We do some of our budget with cash, some with credit cards (don’t tell Dave! and yes we pay them off each month) and some with online banking/savings accounts through ING.

What is so great about ING you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  I love, love,  LOVE to be organized.  So the idea of having all of our savings all lumped together in one place and in one account is overwhelming.  Because our budget is bite sized, like the fact that we budget all year long for our car registration.  Each month a certain amount of money goes directly into our car registration envelope ING savings account.  As well as the fact that we budget each month for Christmas gifts that automatically comes out every month into our…. you guessed it, another ING account.  Setting up the accounts is a breeze (trust me, even I can do it!), the rates are better than what you get at the bank and everything is all neatly and nicely organized when I log in.  I can see exactly how much money we have saved towards Rocky’s birth or how much we have in our home school account if I am looking to purchase something new.  So nice! AND there are no hidden fees and no minimum balances.  So my account for my new Dyson that I have been drooling over for the past few weeks- well, I can put my $5 per month into my account and start saving!  The only down side to this plan?  It takes a few days to transfer money back and forth from ING to our regular bank.  So say we have a bill due tomorrow, if I go to get the money out of ING and into our regular bank to pay the bill, it will take about 3 days to get there.  Thankfully, we have not run into any issues thus far.  And we actually keep our regular “emergency fund” in our local bank so if anything does come up that we need cash fast, it is there and ready to go.  I guess that bumps up our savings accounts to 16! Forgot about that one. 🙂

Anyway, if you are looking for an easy way to keep better track of your finances, I highly suggest you check ING out!

BUT WAIT!! I just got off the phone with my husband and told him about my newest blog post and he confirmed that if we send you a referral from our ING account and you open it through that link, you get $25 just for signing up!  Who could not use a little extra Christmas shopping cash? 🙂  And we would get a $10 referral credit, which could go to my vacuum fund (*ahem…* honey is that ok? 🙂 )- so we all win! 🙂  Leave a comment if you are interested and we will email you a link!!