The clock is ticking and this momma is motivated.  Come nearly 13 weeks from now I will have two boys in diapers.  Does not sound all that fun to me.  Enter my first real attempt at potty training John Boy- the plan is to start in T-minus 45 hours.

Before you raise your hand in question, I DO know what I am getting into.  I DO know that it is harder to potty train a child when it is momma who is the one motivated.  And I DO know that boys are harder to train than girls.  However, I also know that I must give this a good hard push to see if this little guy is ready.  And part of me actually thinks he is.  He does not like to have dirty diapers anymore.  He will stop moving and refuse to go anywhere until he gets changed.  He has also been waking up from his nap with dry diapers at times, which again is another sign that he can hold it for a while.  We did have a few successes the week before we moved with him on the potty, but I didn’t push it.  I knew I couldn’t be faithful with it until a few weeks later.  Add to the fact that we have been travling nearly every weekend for the last 5 weeks, this seems like it is my first real opportunity to give this a try.  I am really excited to be able to train him while it is still warm outside and can let him run around in his new underwear without the fear of him catching a cold.  When I started potty training Belle it was in February and it was freezing so I felt like I couldn’t just let her run around naked in the cold to get used to the wet/dry feeling. This time I plan to try it with him, so we will see.

I sort of see this as a bootcamp and don’t plan to leave the house for a good 3 days… eek!  Hoping we all survive the time and that my son comes out on the other side potty trained.  Jason and I went to Walmart this am to stock up on the items we need to make this “potty party” come to life!

Enter our secret weapons. 🙂  I found this anatomically corroect potty baby boy at a garage sale a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t even planning on going to the sale, I just happened to drive by and decided to stop. The lady said she purchased it online for $60 in the spring because she was desperate to potty train her son because she would have had 3 in diapers!  WHEW!  Anyway, I figured I have Johnny to train and Rocky is a boy too, so we would get use out of this doll.  I walked away paying $7 for it!  Johnny has seen it on his dresser for a while now, but he has no idea the tricks this little guy can do! 🙂  We stocked up on some juice (a treat for our kids!) with a Spiderman cup that will be his special cup for those few days.  Plus, with some Spiderman stickers (have I mentioned he really likes Spiderman right now? 🙂 ), M & M’s and underwear to match dad’s…. we are hoping for success!  We actually have had some Cars underwear for Johnny since last Christmas that he has seen in his drawer.  And he likes them ok, but Jason was the one who actually said last night that we should get him some underwear to match his.  You see, John Boy really really really likes to match his dad.  They both have black mesh shorts that they sleep in.  And anytime Jason changes in to “work” clothes to mow the lawn or do any jobs around the house, Johnny is running towards his room tearing off his clothes so he can match dad and wear some work clothes as well. 🙂  We are hoping these will be the frosting on the cake once he sees that he gets his very own big boy underwear like dads.

Anyhow, I’ve got until Wednesday am to get my game face on.  We go pick them up from Jason’s parent’s house this afternoon so I figure a day for “grandma and grandpa detox” will be in order.  But come Wednesday am bright and early, I’m whipping out all the stops in hopes that come December I am only changing on set of diapers. 🙂  Here goes nothing!