As I’ve mentioned before, we were SO blessed to be able to move into a neighborhood knowing several couples/families already.  I tell ya, this “living in community” thing rocks.  So nice to walk to the back yard to borrow a meat thermometer (Rach, can I borrow this Thursday? 🙂 ) or to trade kids for date night or have someone to walk to the park or the library with.  Wonderful!  And while we live on 12th Ave (a very busy street that makes this momma quite nervous!)- Windhams and Meyers live on 13th Ave.  Literally, the Meyers backyard and our backyard are only separated by a fence… with no gate.  No problem to just throw the kids over the fence, but to get this pregnant mommy up and over the fence, well, it was not a pretty site.  Or very exciting in my opinion.  We had talked for a few weeks about Jason building us some steps for over the fence.  He said he could do it and get wood from where he works, Beisser Lumber.  I had imagined 2 or 3 small steps on each side of the fence to make it easier to get to their houses without having to walk/bike along 12th Ave.  Wanna see what my brilliant and talented husband came up with?


Amazing, isn’t it?  The best part?  We paid a whopping $1 for all of that wood.  Since Jason works at a lumberyard, he was able to put an order in  all  of this scrap wood that could not be sold.  AND they delivered it right to our driveway.  PERFECT!  While he did catch some flack for it being a bit overkill, he told me one night he just wanted the baby and I to be safe.  Melted my heart right then and there.  They have worked beautifully and I think I have only had to walk along 12th Ave once or twice with the kids since they have been finished.  We just cut across the backyard and head down 13th Street to wherever we are going.  No more cars racing along the road and huge buses making me have a heart attack with the kids!  Thank you JRR!

*Now I just have to figure out a way to get a path shoveled across each backyard once the snow starts! 🙂 *