Did you see that commercial a few years back where the scattered husband is searching through the garbage for his lost credit card bill?   He was frantically pulling everything out of the trash can on the side of the road and instead of pulling out the lost bill, he instead found that his wife had thrown away his disco pants?  (I think the idea behind the commercial was to go paperless or have automatic bill pay).  Both Jason and I saw it and laughed together and then he turned to me and said,

“Have you ever thrown anything of mine away without me knowing it?”


Actually no.  Not that I can think of.  And if I did it was a paper or something that I thought he didn’t need.  Despite his pack rat tendencies and my “lets clear out the closet for the third time this year and sell stuff!” tendencies, I had not to my knowledge thrown anything of his away without him knowing it.


That is not to say that I have not wanted to.

Enter the star of this blog post and the item I’ve wanted to trash, sell or burn several times in our marriage.

Drum roll please….

Funny enough, they are his pants.  Well, they used to be pants that is.  When we got married Jason had this pair of pants that were his favorite.  The first problem (in my mind!) was that he considered them to be brown and I considered them to be green.  Clearly, they are green- right babe?  Do you see it now!?! 🙂 Anyhow, I would always comment that he should change his shirt that he would pick to wear with them.  And he would not agree.  *Sigh*  Lovers quarrels in the first year of marriage. 🙂

Secondly, they were (again my opinion) somewhat too short. You see, I like my pants to be LONG- like dragging on the ground long.  And I think 5.5 years ago, that was in style, but I could be wrong. 🙂  Anyhow, they just seemed too short on his tall frame and since they were his favorite and he claimed they were so comfy I was constantly wanting them to disappear.

Then one day something wonderful (yep, in my opinion again!) happened!  I actually am not sure what happened, but one day Jason deemed these pants as “work pants”.  W-H-E-W!  I was totally thrilled and happy that these pants were only appearing occasionally instead of weekly.  But over time they became uglier and uglier.  Yes, I know it doesn’t matter what work pants look like. 🙂  But a girl can dream, right?  The holes in the knees got to be so bad that they then became “work shorts”.  Even better. Now I didn’t have to worry about how short they were above his shoes, but rather the cut job of the new shorts –how one leg is longer than the other. Go ahead, scroll and up and look for yourself. 🙂  This weekend (5.5 years into this debate) my husband informed me that after he roofed the duplex on Saturday, the pants were going to be done! Poof!  VIOLA!  *Enter the happy dance done by yours truly!* Actually I was already in bed with an ice pack on my back, but if I hadn’t been there you betcha I would have been dancing. 🙂

The funny thing was, I had not even remembered what he had said earlier that week.  So Saturday night after he showered and got changed from roofing he asked me if I wanted to have some sort of cermonial burning of these pants.  Haha!  I had totally forgot and would have washed and folded them once again for the next use.  I told him not to throw them away right away and 2 whole days later I got around to taking a picture of them for this post.  (Yes, I threw them in the trash right after I took the picture) but it was funny to me that 3 years ago I would have ran outside and threw the away the moment he changed his clothes. And now years later it took me a few days to get the job done.  Funny how time makes one forget how much I really disliked those pants.  However, if they would have been in their original long short brown green pant status and he was still wearing them around each week- well that my friends would have been another story! 🙂