I do realize it is a bit late in the season for smoothies, but we have actually been recently enjoying them around here.  On our date night two weeks ago, we were at Barnes and Noble and I happened to pick up some Biggest Loser Cook Books to get some ideas of new recipes.  One of the recipes that I have remembered was how to make the perfect smoothie.   This guy’s take on it was that it is best to use frozen fruit.  Either purchase it already frozen or score it uber cheap during its peak season and freeze it for later.  The idea is to use the frozen fruit as the cold part so you don’t have to add ice and water them down.  It dawned on me that I still have bushels and bushels of strawberries in our freezer from a few months ago so I have the perfect start.  Brilliant!  A few weeks ago Fareway had peaches marked down to .$.69lb so I grabbed about 6 or 8 of them.  (I personally peel them witha  potato peeler before we eat them to limit the pesticides). This last week we used a bag of 2 cups of our frozen strawberries (thawed in the fridge for about 4 hours so they were not one solid chunk), a peeled peach, a banana and 2 scoops of Dannon All Natural Vanilla Yogurt and viola!  The guy was right, they were quite good!

And while I’m now dreaming of pumpkins and apples, I’m most definetely going to keep the “frozen fruit” idea in mind for next summer and stock up on fresh produce and freeze it for more smoothies next year!