I’m feeling rushed.  A bit panicky.  Slightly overwhelmed.

Our baby boy does not have a name.

WHAT you say?  We are only at 23 weeks.  We have plenty of time.  Except if you are a planner like me. *Sigh*

I have no idea how this happened.  With Belle we had her named picked out when we were engaged.  Then with Johnny we “had” a name until the last 2 months or so, then it changed to John.  But then again we “had” a name the entire time I was pregnant.  I’ve never not had a name for the child that I carry… even if it was not the name that stuck, we always had something.  For the past year or so, Jason had a name for a boy that we talked about often.  He really likes it, thinks it is strong and wants to go for it.  For the longest time I did too.  However, now that we know it is a boy, I’m getting cold feet.  Not that it isn’t a good name, I’m just not convinced there is a better name out there.  My feathers are a bit ruffled. 🙂

We are not ones to show up at the hospital and say “he/she looks like _____”  I have no idea how people do this.  I’m a firm believer that kids will grow into their names, but when they all start out- they all look the same.  Small, curled up and eyes closed.  Kudos if you think you know what your kid should be named based on what they look like.  I don’t think I received that gift. 🙂

Which brings me to my next question/s.  We go through lists of names several often.  He will say something, I will reply with someone who has a dog with that name.  I will say one that I think could be cool and masculine, he responds with a guy on his college dorm floor who was out of control crazy.  We both decide we are ok with a name and then realize someone has “called” said name.  What are the rules about calling names anyway.  If someone has said something years ago, should I go ask what they are thinking?  Or just run ahead to go for it.  And naming your kid the same as what your friends named their kid?  I’ve heard that there is a distance rule?  Like 200 miles?  Not sure.  We grew up in Ames with the Barretts and they had an Amy and my sister was Amy.  Ironically they are very close in age too.  Not sure if our parents knew each other before they named them that or not, but they grew up most of their lives together.  Known as Amy B. and Amy S.  And they survived.  And now they live hundreds of miles away so is it really a big deal?  Just wondering.  It seems as though people always ask this question.  Or, what if you really like a name but someone close to you has said “I really don’t like _____”.  Awesome.  Thank you very much.


My husband keeps telling me we have plenty of time.  However, I’m siting here and I’ve had a good three braxton hicks contractions and I feel like time is a tickin’ away.  We have about 10 names that are ok and hundreds of others that are no way!  However, I’m still holding out for “the one”.  Who knows though, if Thanksgiving rolls around and we are no closer to naming this little bundle of energy… I have no idea what I will do.  People have said “You could still call him Rocky!” 🙂