I think pictures can better tell the story of how the weekend went. 🙂  Enjoy.

The kids ran through this windy, vine covered tunnel several times.  It was one of the first things we found at 7:45am- I think they would have stayed there an hour if we had not convinced them there was more to see. 🙂

The cow barn was our first animal stop, and we all enjoyed it.  That is until Johnny turned his head to look at something else and this calf got right in his face and licked his hand.  Yep, that did not go well and he wanted nothing to do with the animals (unless we were holding him) for the rest of the day.  However, he has been talking non stop about “the cows”. 🙂

Yes, I did indeed milk a real cow for those of you who needed proof.  Jason was pretty proud of the fact that he got an action shot with the milk going in the pail.

We stopped for a bit to watch them showing goats.  All I could think about was the Whitneys! 🙂

Snack time!  Yes we brought snacks from home.  The only purchase we made was a turkey burger that we all split to get us all through to our picnic lunch on the way home.  We did NOT eat anything deep fat fried and on a stick.  I couldn’t handle the smell.

This climbing structure was another highlight for the kids.

This is my all time favorite pic of the day- love the socks, tennis shoes and shades.  He was trying to show me the fish in the pond, but I could not take my eyes off of this little guy. 🙂

Mom and Johnny went off to see the butter cow, Belle wanted to stay and play on the playground with dad.

We took the kids to the “Little Hands on the Farm” and it was totally awesome. Both kids were hot and hungry at this point though so they did not enjoy it as much as I had hoped.  Thankfully at the end you got to sell your produce that you planted and harvested at the farmers market at the end and they give you a pretend dollar.  You get to use that “money”to buy a real item to eat in the little store at the end.  Those two cold popsicles came at the perfect time.

Future farmer.

We let Belle pick one ride to go on at the fair and she picked the Farris Wheel.  She loved it!  I was amazed and thought for sure she would change her mind once she was high in the air, but this ride was definitely her favorite part of the day.

And then the ride home wearing their hats from Lilttle Hands on the Farm.  We thought they would both pass out from being so hot and tired (getting up at 5:15am).  But nope, they were both wide awake and happy.  We made it home, took baths and everybody took a good two hr nap that afternoon.  And while we will not be doing this outing every year to a state fair, we had a great time and hope to be able to take the kids back once they are a little older.  Yeah for crossing an item off my Iowa Bucket List!