Today was the official day of dress like a genghis and get free food day! And while I’m not sure I would do this for just ANY restaurant, I knew immediately when I get the email promoting this that I would want to partake.  You see, HuHot is one of my favorite restaurants and since we’ve had kids we just don’t make it there much.  Which is ok, it makes it more special when we do get to go.  I started rounding up outfits/costumes yesterday knowing that I would not do this if I had to buy anything, because that would not make dinner free!  We printed off the  Fu Manchu and goatees they provided and dug through the closets for the rest.  I was not at all phased by walking into the restaurant looking very a little different.  However, my family was a little hesitant.  The best part?  They told us right away we could take off our costumes so we only had to wear them for about 1 min total.  Double bonus.  My favorite part was a little kid about 5 years old who exclaimed when we walked in: “Look dad! More pirates!” 🙂

Here we are in our getup- minus the fu manchu and goatees for most of us.  They were not staying on and Johnny was not a fan of the tape on his skin. 🙂

Belle trying to follow in her daddy’s footsteps and learning how to use chopsticks.  This momma just sticks to a fork. 🙂

And John Boy learning how to twirl his fork to get some pasta.

And this was one of the highlights of the evening for me. 🙂 However, it proved to be the most awkard part as well because our waiter dropped off the ticket and said “You are gonna like this, now… you can just leave me a really big tip”.  A nice thought and all, except that I had not brought cash for a really big tip and he really did not do a good job. I was not about to not leave a tip, but those few seconds seemed like they lasted forever. 🙂

For about 15 min of planning and 1 min of people staring at us we all had free dinner.  And, if you are wondering if I will do it again????  In a heart beat. 🙂  Thank you HuHot!