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Yes, I do know that potatoes are supposed to be vegetables.  But it seems like everything I read (besides the fact that they are full of potassium) says that you should stay away from them.  They are starchy and can send blood sugar racing.  However my friends, my mother fed 5 kids on my dad’s one income and when we were litle they didn’t have much at all.  Her secret?  Potatoes.  Or that is what I remember anyway.  They are economical and versitile.  However, after reading all my health magazines I find that I shy away from them at the store, even when they are on sale.  Knowing that brocolli is better, but so much more expensive.  What is a girl to do?  I am constantly tweeking our food that we eat, trying to make our dollars go further and still feed my growing children, specifically my growing 2 year old boy.  The kid has a hollow leg and from what I hear, it only gets larger and more hollow as he gets older.  My solution?  Well, this week anyway.  We had burgers this week and I snagged a bag of potatoes on sale at Fareway and made american fries in some extra virgin olive oil and seasonings.  And rather than count that as our veggie, I served green beans as well and no fruit.  Perhaps that might work?  I hope so.  I really want to make use of potatoes when they go on sale to feed my growing family and yet my desire is for us to be healthy as well.  Ideas?  Thoughts?