I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now.  I mean really, who lives in Iowa for their entire life only 30-90 min from the Iowa State Fair and has never been?  Me- that is who! At least I thought that until this morning when I was talking to my mother over G-chat and she informed me that indeed I had been when I was a child.  And I had a few siblings as well, so I was not a baby.  Well, so much for my claim to fame that I’ve never been.  Sure I have pictures of me when I was a kid surrounded by animals, but no one ever told me that they were from the fair!

Since moving to Colorado is a possibility in our future, Jason and I have been talking in the last 12 months about our “Iowa Bucket List”.  Things we would like to do before moving away from from this state. We have talked about many things, but really I have narrowed it down to only one thing at this point and that is taking the kids to the fair to see the butter cow.  I really have no other agenda than that.  Sure I would like to walk around and see what it is all about, but I’m not super hard to please. 🙂

Now comes the tricky part.  We moved the first weekend in Aug and the last two weekends we have been traveling.  That brings us to the 3rd weekend in a row of traveling with the kids and we are all quite exhausted and would love nothing better than a quiet weekend at home.  But then I would miss yet another state fair and I just don’t think I’m down with that.  We decided that since the doors open at 6:30am, we will get up at 5:00 and hopefully be on the road around 5:15am headed to Des Moines.  I know it is crazy, but I would rather us all sleep in our beds for 8 hours and get up early then try to get the kids to sleep somewhere different and be up x number of times in the night.  Plus I figure we will beat the heat and the crowds, eat a picnic lunch on the way home and have the kids crash for naps making for a peaceful drive.  Ha!  That sure looks good in writing… we will see if it happens. 🙂