It is Monday evening, not an exceptionally hard day.  But full and tiring to say the least.  I just spent the last 45 min cleaning the kitchen, doing extra dishes and making dinner.  Before that I had read books for a good 20 min to the kids.  Needless to say when I went to start on washing the dinner dishes and my honey said “Go take a break for a bit”, I didn’t think twice.  I had just settled down on my bed, stretched out my legs and found my favorite blog when my strawberry syrup covered son walked into my room with yet another “favorite book”.

Johny Boy: “Read book?”

Momma: “Why don’t you go see what daddy is up to.”

John Boy: “No, read book.”

Momma:  “Daddy will read a book to you once he is done with dishes.  Remember, we just read 6 books before dinner.”

John Boy: “No…. I read book wis’ you.”


Momma: “Ok, come here buddy”


As much as that intital closing of the computer hurt my flesh, snuggling with my son in the crook of my arm on my bed while reading the “Look and Find Dora the Explorer” book just about made my day. 🙂