This weekend we are in Garner, IA celebrating my in laws’ 40th wedding anniversary.  I had not given this much thought until we were here. But all of a sudden I was struck by how long they have been together and how much life two people have experienced together by being married for 40 years. Amazing to say the least.  I mean, I feel like Jason and I have been together forever (in a good way 🙂 )…. all of 5.5 years! 🙂   We had a little luncheon this afternoon and Jason and Lindsy each gave a small toast to the bride and groom, John and Sheryl.

This was near the end of the day and I think their faces were hurting from smiling for all the pictures. 🙂

And the’ve still got it going on. 😉

This was almost too pretty to eat.

However, we quickly got over our hesitation and ate it anyway!  We insisted that they re-create their wedding day and feed eachother their dessert.

Happy Anniversary John & Sheryl!  We look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with you in the future and Jason and I are blessed to be walking in such a legacy!