Oh my goodness! This is me updating my post about 4 hrs after I originally published it.  Because due to my prego brain and the fact that my son woke up from his nap half way through me writing this that I TOTALLY forgot to mention my sister Amy and what a rock star she was that weekend we were moving.  I did not mention that we were simultaneously doing turnover AND  painting the interior of our duplex during those few days.  Yes, we are crazy, we know this.  But we could not have survived those days without Amy’s help with painting, watching the kids, delivering frozen snickers bars (yes, I am now addicted…), unpacking, cleaning, the list goes on and on!  From the bottom of our hearts Ruthie…. THANK YOU!!  We appreciate how you gave up your life those few days to make ours a little more manageable!!

We have been in our “new to us -month to month rental house” for about 2 weeks now and things are finally feeling like we are settled.  Yes there are still a few random boxes here and there and there is some work to be done in the basement yet organizing all our “store until we move again” boxes.  But for the most part the questions of  “Do you know where ___ is?” have ceased and I am quite pleased. 🙂

Our signed lease (that we received 1 week before we moved in) said that our lease began on Aug 1st, 2010 @ 9:00am.  We were headed out the door to house church that Sunday morning and decided to stop by the place to see it empty and get an idea of where beds and dressers would go.  Jason’s plan was to come right after church and start getting organized while I stayed with the kids for their afternoon nap/rest time.  Lets just say things did not quite go as planned.  I walked into the house that morning and the front door was unlocked and was greeted by the fact that the current tenants had not moved out yet.  The carpets had been cleaned the day before so everything was shoved into the closets, bathroom and kitchen.  Tears did not run down my face, but they was definitely some “welling up” going on on my face.  I was totally crushed. We had come to the conclusion that our landlord was “laid back” and just could not figure out what we were going to do.  We called him and he said he thought they were supposed to be out by noon.  We left and went to house church and it was so good for my heart to be reminded during worship that God is in control.  I have no idea what song we even sang that morning, but it was God speaking to my heart.  We returned after church to find the current people moving out and Jason was able to work around them and still get the beds and dressers in place.  They finally “were out” by 3pm– however my friends, they had not done any cleaning.  Now, we have been landlords for a good 5 years now I KNOW what checkout cleaning should look like.  It takes hours and hours – but nothing was done here.  I set to work sweeping, scrubbing and cleaning and quickly my attitude about our entire situation was going down the drain.  Here just a few days before I had been singing the praises to God for his provision and within minutes of walking into our “perfect for us home” I was muttering under my breath and frustrated beyond belief.  The place was by no means trashed, but it was dirty.  I opened the fridge and there was cat and human hair on the shelves, the cabinets were full of dead bugs and dirt, the “white” kitchen sink was yellow from neglect, the top of the stove was completely covered in grease and they had sprayed the oven cleaner in the oven but had not done any sort of elbow grease to get it cleaned.  Add to that the handle to the kitchen cabinet was falling off, one drawer fell into 4 pieces when I opened it, the fridge has a huge crack in the plastic shelf and has no produce drawers and both of the bathtubs were backing up.  I was not a happy camper.  It seemed as though the place was falling apart at my fingertips and our landlord is not to be found (he works a job laying carpet for his day job so turnover is a busy time for him) and I was left with my emotions calling the shots.  Not a pretty sight.  Somewhere in the midst of my grumbling I felt God tugging at my heart and I realized what the REAL problem was going on inside of me.  I am embarrassed to share with you all, I was being prideful. Seriously, the big, bad and ugly, I thought I was too good for living like this.  We came from a beautiful home and my husband takes care of us and we live on a budget and save and spend wisely (or try to!) and I just realized I never saw myself “stepping down a few notches”.  Which is exactly what this house was in my mind.  Once I realized that, I quickly was humbled beyond belief.  I suddenly stopped grumbling and realized how blessed I am to have a roof over my head, running water, air conditioning (yes it is a window ac!), a wonderful and healthy family, a God who loves me and is involved in my life and a husband who is the perfect man for me.  A little dirt- nothing!  Grime? No problem!  Living in a’ less than what I had envisioned for my life at the age of 28 home’?  Perfect for my heart.  And while I still don’t have my 4th kitchen drawer and the bedrooms are still hot at night, I am learning to love this little house we now call home and I am so thankful again at God’s timing and provision.  And a huge thank you to Steve and Charlotte Powers for coming over that first afternoon/evening to help us get settled and work hours on the cleaning with us.  We appreciate your help and could not have done it without you!

Without further ado- here is a little peak into our home.

Here is my kitchen, notice the missing drawer at the bottom. 🙂

With our one and only token outlet.  Notice I just unplug everything once I am done using it (including the coffee pot) so it is free for the next use.

This kitchen is about half the size of my former kitchen. So these shelves in the dining room where my solution. I have affectionately dubbed this the appliance garage. 🙂

Our dining room.

And our very large and open living room.  Complete with the window ac.

You didn’t think I was going to leave without a close up of this baby did you? 🙂

Anyhow, I am happy to report that my attitude has changed for the better and I/we are enjoying this new space very much.  Sure there are things that need work and improvements that can be made, but I just keep reminding myself that this house is “temporary”  (in the fact that we are in a transition at the moment) but also God keeps reminding me that everything I see and touch each day is temporary except the  for the people.  What a wonderful and good reminder each day that this is not the end, that our time here on earth is not our real home and some day we will be with Him for eternity.