As much as I am a planner, I’ve decided that I give myself a D- when it comes to planning out our food budget for the month.  It seems as though at the end of each month it is the same outcome with a different story.  I have 5 days left with only about $12 left to spend.  And while I know I could feed my family oatmeal for 6 meals in a row, I know that it is not the well balanced thing to do.  This last month for example, we were moving and staying with some friends for about a week. More convenience food was purchased and more runs to HyVee than to Fareway and I found myself out of money with several days left and I really really wanted to make do.  I ended up purchasing a gallon of milk, bananas and a bag of grapes to get us through those last few days.  But somehow I had to stretch the food we had in our pantry (and not much in the freezer due to moving) to make it work.  Well, thanks to living with the Windhams for a week, we learned all about bean and cheese tacos and homemade tortillas.  Earlier in the week I had cooked up about 2lbs of pinto beans and froze most of them.  So I decided we could make bean and cheese tacos- but we had no tortillas in the house, BUT we did have the ingredients to make homemade tortillas.  So I went to work.

So far I have tried two different recipes on the tortillas (because I couldn’t remember the recipe completely that Sarah had told me) and they turned out ok.  Nothing like Jonathan’s grandmothers tortillas… the kind that melt in your mouth, but I intend to figure that out quite soon in the future!  WAY excited for his grandma to move to town and to learn tricks from her and Sarah.  It was quite funny though at dinner that night,  as much as the tacos did not meet my standards of what I was hoping and dreaming for I was absolutely beaming at dinner. 🙂  I was so proud of myself to putting in the extra thought and work and not breaking down to go buy tortillas.  Not a huge deal, I mean going over in our food budget for tortillas would not have broke the bank, but I loved that finally I was able to make do with what we had and feed our family a healthy dinner that night.

So tell me my dear friends, what do you do/how do you plan to make sure your food budget makes it the entire month through?  Surely I am not the only one who struggles with this.  Please enlighten me!