I finally found my beloved usb cord this morning so now I feel as though I can blog again.  Because you know… a blog is not complete without pictures! 🙂  We ran to Walmart yesterday for a few items and if you have been there in the last month or two… things are in utter and complete chaos.  They are rearranging and it seems as though every time I go, things are in a new place.  It has been somewhat frustrating at times, but the plus side to all of this is that there are so many employees working on changing things around that I hardly have to wait more than 5 seconds before I can find someone to ask the location of a particular item.  Anyhow, we were strolling down the main aisle along the cash registers yesterday when we first walked in and they had about 12 carts of “CLEARANCE/ROLL BACK” items.  I was shocked at the amount of stuff in these carts, but I was giddy as a school girl when I came across the few carts labeled “all items $.10”.  I immediately started tossing things into my cart.  Some items for my kids for Christmas (yes, they saw them- I’m just hoping they forget by Christmas!) but mostly for my Operation Christmas Child Boxes .  I ended up with the following for a grand total of $2.20!  (Ok, minus the onion and the shovels you see in the back. 🙂 )

And here is the crew proudly showing off our loot. 🙂

And no, we did not keep all of that for our shoe boxes.  My goal this year is to fill 4 boxes and be able to pay shipping for those boxes.  So we took 4 of each and passed along the bag to friends so they could benefit as well.  I mean, what is a good deal if you can’t pass it along and bless others? 🙂  Seriously, I think my husband just shakes his head at me sometimes… 🙂  Anyhow, we are getting excited for how our boxes are going to be filled.  One of these days I’m going to get my 4 boxes and have the kids help me start filling them and sorting through things (it is all in a giant stash in box at the moment) and it should be quite fun!