Children are a gift from the Lord: they are a reward from him. Children born to a young man are like sharp arrows in a warrior’s hands. How happy is the man whose quiver is full of them! – Psalm 127

I realize that we were hoping and praying that God would bless us with more children.  For months and months in fact.  And I realize that as of Monday I will be half way done with this pregnancy and well on our way to having our 3rd child.  It would seem as though I would have had plenty of time to put together my game plan of “life” with 3 kids.  I remember going through this phase with each of my other kids as well when I was pregnant with them.  However, this time seems more daunting.  I don’t know if it is the fact that I will be entirely outnumbered and have no extra hand to reach out for the third kid or just the idea of another list of to-do’s to do with a newborn to get out the door.  Grocery shopping/running errands seems to be the current dilemma on my mind.  How in the world do I go to Walmart with 3 kids???  I know I know… I should just stay at home.  And I probably will.  I’m guessing gone are the days to just cruise the clearance aisles looking for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox gifts. 🙂  And the fact that it will be the dead middle of winter and in January everybody and I mean everybody seems to be sicker than a dog.  Yes, we will probably be staying home more.  But for those days when milk, eggs and bananas are a must, how will I manage 3 kids?  The one in the car seat at the top of the cart is easy… yes Rocky, you will be the easy one- as long as you are not screaming your head off. 🙂  But you see, that is currently where John Boy sits with his sister sitting in the basket below along with our groceries.  So that bumps Johnny down into the basket as well now leaving no room for groceries.  So then, maybe I put Belle riding on the front of the cart (with Johnny right behind her wanting to do whatever she does) only for that to end 3 min later as Belle tells me her feet and hands and arms hurt. So then she gets down to walk quickly followed by her brother.  I then try to have them “help” me put items in the cart.  Only to turn around to find some brightly colored sugary cereal in my cart with “Please mom, please???” Seriously.  *Insert take a breath here…*  We again have the “please do not run away from the cart and please do not touch anything that mommy does not ask you to touch” conversation here.  I hear a round of “yes mom’s” and we continue on.  Somehow I have made it to the check out lane with nearly every item on my list and hand the lady my coupons only to find out that I have grabbed the wrong size box of something and another two coupons are expired.  Awesome.  Forget that then.  Quickly turning around to make sure my children are not touching, playing, eating or snagging any of the candy from the candy display (whoever designed that to be brightly colored and near the ground… I would like to have a few words) and go to pay with my credit card (because yes, I forgot the grocery cash on the counter at home along with my reusable bags…) I get my receipt, get loaded into the car with my three (not yet!) two children and we start off for home.  All the while, I keep wondering what it is going to look like adding one more little one to the mix along with the sleet and snow.  So tell me, how do you/did you/do you plan for the future of wrangling three kids while running errands?  Please enlighten me. 🙂

Just so we are perfectly clear, my goal for the above was mostly for humor and to give you a small glimpse into our lives.  And while some days are just down right chaotic, Belle and Johnny are learning each day how to obey and follow momma a little more. They are a joy to my life and even though I enjoy a “quiet” grocery shopping trip to myself once and a while, I couldn’t imagine doing it each week without my little helpers.  I love you guys!