If you remember my post a few weeks back in

our crazy adventure called life

we left off with our house getting rented and our family looking to find a house to rent month to month.  Turns out, that is a little harder said than done to find month to month housing.  We emailed and called DOZENS of people about housing to eventually find out that they wanted year long leases.  While this was quite slightly annoying, we understood completely as we have a duplex of our own in Iowa City that is a rental unit.  And we ALWAYS want year long leases.  We did find a few places to look at that had some sort of potential or another.  But over the course of 10 days they each seemed  to fall apart.  The first place we looked at was not quite what we had imagined, and it was three stories so each room was quite small.  But in the end we decided it would work and not even an hr after seeing it, we emailed them asking for the place and they replied 24 hrs later saying someone had emailed them just 30 min before we had and they were giving the place to them.  Then my friend Kate and her husband Tim had put out some feelers and had a lady who might be interested in us renting her home while it was on the market.  12 hrs later after many conversations and driving by the property, that fell through as well.  We looked at two other apartments that were top and bottom units that week, but we really felt that with have kids it was going to be way to noisy for the neighbors.  Which brings us to last Thursday (yes, all of those stories happened in about 3 days 🙂 ) Jason had a contact from work who had rented to his co-workers month to month and the location of the property was great, it was in good condition, we could have the end unit so it would be quiet and not have to worry about noise with the kids… it was perfect. But he couldn’t show us the place for like 2 days.  I felt as though I was walking on pins and needles for those two days just knowing it would be great.  OH! And it had a two car garage so we could store all of our stuff at the house and not have to get a storage unit.  The time came for the showing and I was so excited.  It was exactly as I had imagined and I was ready to sign the lease when I heard the man saying “…….12 month lease………” “SAY WHAT?” Jason quickly asked him, “So, this is not month to month?” (Which he had stated twice while on the phone with him earlier that week) “Nope.”  Oh…… darn.  I mean – God is still in control, right?  I went home and just cried.  We were 8 days out of being out of our home, my house was in complete and utter chaos, I’m was still dealing with morning sickness and the one thing I had “been sure of” for the week had just fallen through the cracks.  Thankfully my parents were in town that morning helping with some projects and they each had something to say that stuck with me.  My father’s words were “I would keep on trusting right until that moving truck is pulling out of your drive with all your stuff that God will give you  a place to take it” (I had just told him we might just move in with a friend, put all our stuff in storage and just put off looking for a place for a few weeks to ease some of the stress).  And my mom said something like “When you step out in faith, you should expect some resistance”.  Both of which were keepers for me over the next few days.  That Sunday (two days later) I was sharing at house church that it seemed like a tall order for God to provide housing for us in the next 6 days that met all of our requirements and someone replied “I can think of a lot bigger things that He did in 6 days.” 🙂  Good point.  And while all of those things were true, it was still hard to go to bed at night wondering where our family was going to live.

Ok, so back up one day (Saturday) – (seriously, I didn’t think this story was THIS long. 🙂 ) We had emailed the guy who had shown us one of the top/bottom units and had asked if he could give us a break in the rent if we rented the entire house AND if Jason was able to do some handy man projects for him.  He called back that next day during house church and said he could come down $200 in rent.  And while that was extrememly kind of him, the property was still way out of our budget.  But the location was awesome.  Right in the back yard of our friends the Meyers, Windhams and Powers.  Hello block party.  But it looked like it was not to be.  We tried calling him again to tell him we would take his other top unit  (and just give the kids the biggest room over the garage to keep the noise down) and he called back and said he was too concerned about the noise for the bottom tenants and that we should “rent the place by our friends…”  We responded and told him we would love to rent that place, but we could not afford it.  He then ASKED US (seriously what landlord does this???) what we could afford.  Jason told him and it was an additional $200 less per month than what he had earlier offered.  So, you are adding this up right?  That is a total of $400 less PER MONTH than what he was asking for the place.  And he said he would take it!!  Are you kidding me?  In this area- a very strong rental market right now and the man just came down $400 per month AND  it is a month to month AND it meets our families needs AND there is space that we can store our stuff in the basement AND we get to live close to people (I was nervous this entire time we would end up out somewhere in the boonies ).  Hello Leah!!  God totally came through for us in the bottom of the 9th exceeding our expectations and blessing our family like no other.  As I write this story, I am still in awe of how that all took place.  How I was crushed that Friday when the perfect place fell through and it was just God’s way of saving the best for last.  The basement of our new place was vacant so we were able to move all of our stuff out of our house and directly into the basement (seriously, thank you to everyone who pushed so hard in the 4 hr u-haul truck rental! we couldn’t have done it without you!! and to the ladies who helped me clean- awesome!) so we didn’t end up having to move all of our stuff twice. (Another thing I was worried about). Whew!  Currently, we are camping out with the  Windham Familia until Aug 1st when we get access to the top part of the house.  We are so thankful to them opening up their house (and fridge! 🙂 ) to host us for the week and it looks like with 4 kids under the age of 5, things should be far from dull this week!  Anyhow, just one last shout out to the Big Guy upstairs for coming through for us yet again, providing for and protecting us through this entire process.  I am so thankful that He has a plan and even when it looks like things are falling to pieces, He is good all the time and He is in control.

Now, we all know that a blog without pictures is just incomplete in my world… so for your enjoyment.  Check out the chaos at my house while we were packing. Seriously, I have no idea how I survived. 🙂

It got to the point that I didn’t really even have the kids pick up their toys… there was no point.

Every flat space in our house was COVERED!!

Would you believe this was AFTER I cleaned up after supper.

*Sigh*  My beloved lists… I would be lost without you!! 🙂