but this was getting out of control.  Even though I have had such a short notice during this packing/moving adventure, I feel like I am doing such a better job of sorting through things instead of just putting it all in boxes to move once again.  Yesterday I managed to find what I had stashed all over the house.

Seriously… I know. 🙂  Quite ridiculous- I had stuff that I haven’t touched in the five and a half years we have been married.  (A note about the rolls and rolls of wrapping paper- that is not all mine.  I guess when you host Christmas for out of town relatives, they feel like a good thank you gift is to leave you with their extra paper 🙂 ) A good 30 minutes later and a box for Salvation Army and Stuff Ect and I was able to get everything into two totes that are stored under the bed.  Still a bit much — even for me, but I know I’m covered for the next 10 years for birthday parties, baby showers and arrivals, wedding showers, bachelorette parties and weddings!  Here is the finished product- I’m quite proud! 🙂