Headlines: We are moving in 16 days!

Details: 🙂

We have had our house on the market for about 5 months now with very little interest in anyone purchasing it.  We’ve been praying all this time that God would lead our family and that sometime in the near future we would be able to move to Colorado.  We have been praying for about a year now to be able to spend a period of time serving God together as multiple generations with my family.  Specifically that is in Loveland, Colorado.  It seemed as though God has been saying “stay” and “wait” which we have been doing- some days with more patience then others.  Last week though, we were talking it through and just randomly decided that we could put our house up for rent (most leases around here run Aug 1- July 31) and see if God might open doors that way.  Boy did my head swim those next 48 hours!  We had two showings the same night and the first people had their rental application turned in within an hour of seeing our home. We did take our time over the weekend to pray and seek cousel to see if this might be the next step God had for our lives.  When all lights appeared green… we offered them the lease and next thing we know, we have a deposit, first month’s rent and a signed lease in hand and are moving out of our house in 19 days. 🙂   Whew!  Where are we moving you ask?  That is a very very good question.  I am quite suprised at how well I am handling the last few days.  I’ve made sure to get some quality time with my Bible and we have spent time praying together.  And seeing as how God provided this home for us just 3 weeks before Johnny was born, I know He is capable to provide at a moment’s notice.  A few things we are praying for in our next place to live:  no lease, month to month lease or a 6 month lease (our goal to be freed up from a mortgage for Jason to be able to take a lower paying job at first without the stress of a mortgage here in Iowa)- be able to stay in Coralville – no apartments with lots of stairs with the kids and have laundry (hook ups at least). You don’t realize how much you depend on having your own laundry with a family until looking into the future you realize that it might be gone!  Oh my!  This week we are pursuing all leads in Coralville, but next week might need to branch into North Liberty or Iowa City if nothing opens up.  My goal is to pack two boxes a day for this week and get everything organized and into piles.  (I had no idea how much stuff was just sitting around our house until I went to pack it– wow!  Sometimes I think I could handle being a minimalist. 🙂 Other days… not so much. 🙂 ) This weekend we hope to put a large dent in our to-do and packing list and re-evaluate goals for the next week.  For now, if you see any free boxes around- feel free to pass them our way!! Looking forward to our next chapter in life…