I’m a planner, so when it comes to birthday cakes for my kids, I start dreaming months ahead of time.  The kids and I had made a trip to the North Liberty Library a while ago and walked out with 4 cakes pans… none of which inspired me at all.  I brought them home anyway so I would have something to work with, but then over the next few days decided what John Boy REALLY gets excited about is construction sites/equipment.  I finally got excited about this idea and started googling “construction site cakes” and you would not believe all the people who have done this and their amazingly creative ideas.  And the best part?  The cake is supposed to look messy, chunky and not perfect.  *Sigh of relief* 🙂  I had seen someone put “caution tape” along the base of their cake and I loved the idea. However, being the frugalista that I am, I did not want to pay for a roll of caution tape. One day a few weeks ago, we were at HyVee and they were redoing their parking lot.  We happened to park by the side that was taped off with caution tape and out of the corner of my eye I notice a huge piece of tape that had ripped off that people were driving over. 🙂  Yes, I whipped out my keys, took the kids over there and cut off part of the old, muddy and wrinkled tape. 🙂  The kids were really confused and my husband and the few friends I told about my great idea- well, I think they were a little concerned.  But I decided I could just put the caution tape under the cake and cover it with packing tape, then nothing would touch the cake- perfect, right?  RIGHT! It worked beautifully!  Check it out.

Jason and I had a great time together researching ideas and making them come to life last night.  If you notice,t he lower right hand corner of the cake was shaved down at an angle so it looks like the tractor was “climbing” up to the site. Then we used that bit of cake to build up the oreo mound in the back. 🙂  Again, much to my delight, the cake was supposed to look messy so it was less work for me and just fun knowing how much my little man was going to like his digger cake.  And let me show you how much he liked it!

I guess looking at that picture of him eating, you would never know how much he liked his cake… I guess he was just focused on eating it. 🙂

Happy birthday Johnny!  Daddy and I are so proud of you and excited to see you learning new things every day.  Dad loves to wrestle with you and I enjoy your kisses and how you “help” me with my jobs.  And we are both amazed each day at the new words and sentences coming out of your mouth.  Looking forward to this next year!  Love you!