A few months ago, it seemed like every other blog I regularly read was asking their readers if they had signed up for Vocalpoint.  It took me a while to sign up as I wondered if it would really work.  But then I figured I would give it a try and in Feb, 2010 I signed up.  I have received 4 samples so far and the idea is to use the sample, then log in to your account and give a review.  Seriously, so easy.  In fact my computer stays logged in on the site, so I just pull up the site, leave my 1-2 sentence comment and a viola!  Yesterday was SO FUN to get the mail- look what came in my mailbox!


Now if opening your mailbox and finding these doesn’t brighten your afternoon… I’m not sure what will! 🙂  I didn’t even care what was inside of the packages- they still brought a smile to my face.  And much to my delight I am able to put use both samples and I received 7 high dollar coupons along with my products.  Check it.

Here are three samples of Crystal Light Pure Fitness

And 3 Pampers Cruisers (sorry I couldn’t get the photo to rotate)

Anyhow, I’m still smiling at my treasures that I received yesterday and look forward to many more as I continue to give them my feedback.  Ps.  Vocalpoint did not pay me or give me any incentive to write this post- I just figured a little PR “thank you” was in order! 🙂