It was bound to happen.  Honestly, I’m suprised we lasted this long until experiencing our first major 2-wheel bike wipe out with our daughter.  She learned how to ride her bike a few months ago and since then has been getting better and faster.  We live in a zero lot (shared main wall with another home) and gravel separates our two drive ways.  I was in the garage talking to Wendy yesterday when it came…. a blood curdling scream and I knew “this was it”.  I raced down to the end of the drive way to find my child in a pile of gravel with a scraped up elbow and upper lip and a mouth full of blood.  I was trying to keep my composure, figure out the problem, calm her down and carry my screaming child in the house…. well, I was pretty proud of myself. 🙂 I got her inside and had her suck on a cold rag between sobs.  But the blood seemed to still be coming.  I wondered if she had knocked some teeth lose as she said they hurt a lot.  After a few min though, I finally realized that it was the inside of her lip that was bleeding, not her teeth.  She had a pretty huge gash on the inside of her lip, but a cold wash cloth seemed to help it stop after a bit.  We got some tylenol, ice water, bandaid for her elbow and vaseline for the owie on under her nose.  She was all fixed up but still quite emotional for the next couple of hours.  She went down for “rest time” and ended up falling asleep.  I went to wake her up a while later and her lip was absoluetly huge.  I am not even kidding when I say I have never seen a “fatter” fat lip.  Poor kid.  She was having trouble eating her cereal today because her lips cannot close around her spoon so the milk was dripping down her chin with each bite.  But a little more ib profen today and more vaseline and her personality is returning.  Although she looks somewhat worse today, I know that things are getting better.  I wanted to get a picture of her just so we could show her “what she survived when she was 4 years old”- but she was not so keen on the idea.  And then I realized… “Yeah, we don’t need a picture of this- I will remember it just fine.”  So just in case you see her in the next week…. that is the story.  No one has asked her about it today (Thank you Walmart workers) but yesterday she was still pretty emotional when someone asked her “WHAT HAPPENED?!?” Hoping the swelling goes down quickly and her lip can heal soon.  Love you Belle and hope you feel better soon!