Yep, you read that correctly.  A few weeks back, Leslie had posted a recipe in which she had substituted a cauliflower crust for a regular pizza crust.  I must say I was nearly mortified… the idea of cauliflower… not my favorite and only with a fair amount of ranch dressing.  But when I read her review and the review from the original recipe , I decided I might want to give it a whirl.  I now have several friends who are gluten/grain free and getting ideas of what to serve them either at our house or for gatherings is something I enjoy knowing.  Plus, it was an opportunity to get another veggie in our dinner (never mind that I made spicy sausage pizza… 🙂 ) but I wanted to make it the first time as “normal” as possible so my family would eat it.  And let me tell you… both the cheese bread and the pizza were a hit!

First I took a bag of frozen cauliflower (16oz) and boiled it for a few minutes.  Then I pulled out my food processor and “riced” my it in a matter of seconds.

I doubled the recipe so I could use all the cauliflower last night.  However, I could hardly swallow using an entire package of shredded cheese just for the crust, so I only used 1.5 cups of cheese.  The crust seemed ok, it was still pretty “doughy” when we ate it, not sure if that was the lack of a half a cup of cheese or if I should have cooked it a bit longer.  It seemed done when I looked at it, but I would have preferred if it would have firmed up a bit more.  But maybe I’m just used  to whole wheat flour. 🙂

Here is our cheese bread- the kids downed this asap and asked for more.

And our pizza- we have a small bit of leftovers for tonight- I’m guessing they will all want some!

AND I must mention… my husband DOES NOT like cauliflower- I have never seen him eat it since we have been married.  But I had told him about the recipe and he seemed open to the idea of me trying it sometime. (Although, after he ate the pizza last night and ENJOYED! it… he confided in me that he was quite nervous. 🙂 )  Way to go babe trying something new. 🙂  I didn’t eat the pizza last night because my stomach was queasy again (14 weeks, really??) but had it for lunch today and it was yummy.  I know I will be making this again in the future!