Call us crazy, but we have never been to the outdoor pool with the kids.  I wasn’t entirely sure why, but I do know that we don’t have a “family entertainment” slot in our budget.  We have our date budget and Jason and I each have a slush fund each month.  So if we do decide to do something that costs money with the kids, it usually comes out of either of those two funds.  As this summer is arriving and we are having the desire to do a few more activities with the kids (pool, zoo, ect) I’m thinking we might need to rearrange our budget. 🙂  Anyhow, Belle starts swimming lessons next week and we decided that a “pre-swimming lesson swim” might be in order.  Our little girl does SO much better when she is prepared for a new situation.  So our goal for today was to get the kids in the water, let them have some fun and get Belle into some deeper water (beyond our kiddie pool) and have her work on a few things.  She did great with the few lessons that I gave her.  She put her face in the water, blew bubbles, practiced kicking and we tried the back float (which resulted in some tears….but we all survived!)!  And I had both kids on my hips and we went into the “deep” (3’6″) water and I let them hold onto mom while we walked around.  All in all, it was  a great time.  The thought came to me as we were about to leave that the reason we don’t pay money to go to the pool, is because the kids played in the 6-12″ water most of the time. They did attempt the little slide a few times, but wanted nothing to do with the towers that sprayed water everywhere.  For the time being, our 6-12″ of water in our backyard will work just fine for our future summer water adventures.  🙂  Here is a little glimpse into our morning/afternoon.

They were so excited that they wouldn’t look at the camera! 🙂

Yep, this is where they hung out most of the time with Mabel and Bear.

She was cold and this is technically not a swimming picture, but my goodness is she cute!

He was really focusing on pouring that water!

And the highlight once we left, cold applesauce cups waiting for us in the car. 🙂