I’ve had people say that morning sickness is mind over matter.  And after having 2 children, I KNEW that it was not the case for me.  I don’t remember being queasy with Belle, but I had severe heartburn every afternoon/evening with her until 20 weeks.  With Johnny I was extremely queasy until after the first trimester and also had the terrible heartburn from 5.5 weeks until 26 weeks.  However, I finally realized when I was pregnant with him that my “morning sickness”(heartburn) was not what other people experienced.  I said something to the dr. and they told me to take Zantac.  Hello love.  I have 30 days until I can take it this time and I am so looking forward to some relief in my gut.

Before I got prego this time though, I did think that some of my morning sickness/cravings I might be able to control.  We have been eating healthy for nearly 2 years now.  Cutting out hydrogenated oils and high fructose corns syrup, eating more whole foods with natural fiber and I had lost that weight so I had my body fine tuned to the calories it needed each day.  Since I had been working out 5 times a week, I was fully prepared to keep working out (on a lighter level) but continuing on to say the least.

Well kids, 9.5 weeks in and things are just the opposite of what I was planning on/hoping for.  I have done some 1-1.5 mile walks with the kids on nice days, but I am so slow.  I wake up feeling sick and pretty much stay that way all day long. Veggies make me want to gag and my two items that actually make me feel better?  Well, here you go… and yes, I wish I was joking.

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Oh my.  And I forgot, hot roast beef sandwiches with tomato.  Oh wait… I eat tomato on a sandwhich every day! I am getting a veggie… woot!!  I hoping in a few weeks once the nasuea and queasiness ease off, that I can get back to my fruits and veggies and fiber each day.  Here’s hoping.  In the meantime, if you see a sale on chocolate donetts or cheese nips, let me know!!  Rocky really likes them. 🙂