Last spring we planted a strawberry patch.  They recommend that you pluck all the blossoms off the first season so that the plants have time to mature.  It was heartbreaking to say the least, but I didn’t let any strawberries form and I weeded that strawberry patch faithfully all last spring/summer/fall.  Fast forward to this spring, there were hundreds of strawberry blossoms!  So exciting- especially once those turned into little green berries.  I was not expecting a harvest for at least a few more weeks, but this past weekend we got our first 2 red strawberries!

AND after going out later that afternoon, we found another 9 red berries!  They were not all the same size and not all perfectly red and round like at the store- but by golly these are home – grown, chemical free and fruits of my sweat, sweat and more sweat from from weeding last year so I’m so proud!  And happy with the turn out.  My blueberries from last year are hanging on by a thread and I lost half of my raspberries, but the other two are a good foot high and full of leaves and stems.  I am hopeful!  Anyway, we made fruit smoothies this last weekend and it was totally excited to use our own food!  Hoping our next house has space for an orchard! 🙂