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Really I do.  It is one of my worst fears.  I’m coming to the conclusion that it is why I don’t like thunderstorms because you never know when one of the huge “crack/shake the house/rattle your teeth” kind of boomers is going to happen.  Not a fan.  I think it stems from my childhood…. 1 boy and 4 girls.  That was how John coped. He constantly was hiding behind or under something and would reach out and grab a body part of a passing sister and yell his head off.  I get the willies just thinking about it.  I have never grown out of it.  If someone comes up behind me and touches me or says something when I am thinking I am completely alone… it is not a pretty site. And I feel stupid.

Enter our current situation.  Twice now in the last 24 hours, my son has been sleep walking.  The whole idea of sleep walking weirds me out, but ad to this my jumpy nature and I just know it is a recipe for disaster.  Yesterday Johnny woke up from his nap and came out of his room (normally he just hollars “MOM! DAD!” and we go get him up) but he just walked on out and was aggitated.  I tried to hold him and cuddle him but he kept grunting and rolling over in my arms.  After about 2 min, he got down off my lap and walked a lap or two around the living room and then I picked him up again and he fell back asleep in my arms.  I held him for about 10 min then put him back in bed and he slept for another half an hour.  I told Jason about it and we both thought it was a little weird.  Then fast foward to last night at 3 am, I hear the pitter patter of feet in the hallway and Jason gets up and says “Johnny?” Immediately he bursts into tears and is sobbing like crazy.  Jason takes him back to bed and he is out like a light in a matter of minutes.  But what freaks me out is what if this happens one night and he comes in and wakes me up by touching me?  What if I don’t hear that pitter patter of feet?  What if he falls down the steps and I wake up to him screaming?  I tell you what is going to happen.  I am going to scream or yell in fear, wake up the entire house and tramatize my children.  Geesh.  So tell me, how does one go about becoming less jumpy?