The kids and I ventured out to Central Discount to score some sweet deals on our groceries today.  And I must say, I was disappointed with their selection.  The other two times I have went, they had great deals on organic and natural snacks for the kids.  Rach went a few weeks ago and said that the snack aisle was pretty much cleared out. So we arrived at 8:04am (it opens at 8am) and much to my chagrin, the snack aisle was empty again. Bummer.  I was able to grab some cereal (but again, previous times they have had organic cereals and Kashi, but this time just regular) for snacks and still managed to walk outa there spending $30.  Once I got home and looked over what I had purchased I was pretty happy and it will feed our family just fine.  Just not the “grand” experience it has been in the past.  Here is the picture of our loot.  I finally used my noggin this time around and instead of hauling everything upstairs to take a picture only then to haul a majority of it back down to the garage for storage… well, I just put it all out on the couch downstairs for it’s picture perfect moment. 🙂

BTW, the kids were “taking pictures” of the food on the drive home with their pretend cameras so I would have pictures for my blog. 🙂  Belle kept taking her pictures and saying “O mom, that is a good one!” Haha!