I have wanted to come up with a healthy and fruglista friendly popsicle recipe since last summer.  Last year I had thought to just freeze “no sugar added juice” but that didn’t amount to much.  In fact, I’m not even sure I tried making them.  My grandma sent us $5 to buy a special treat for the kids for the summer, I put that to use with a sale on “made with fruit” popsicles from the store and a coupon and those two boxes lasted us all summer.  Fast forward to now… I needed to get creative.  I really don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for ‘healthy’ popsicles, and I REALLY don’t want to feed my kids the cheap kind with all sorts of fun ingredients.  (On a regular basis that is… we are just fine giving our kids treats every once and a while!)

I tweeted last week that I was contemplating making homemade applesauce popsicles.  Alicia commented on Facebook that she would like them if they were blended with other fruit.  It got me thinking, maybe she is right.  Escpecially since our kids have had the real deal… if I handed them something bland with no flavor, I was not sure it was going to last.  We ventured out to Walmart today to purchase our supplies and give them a whirl.  I still was not 100% sure of what I could blend them with (that would work in our budget – ie: frozen raspberries), but I figured something would hit me once I got to the store.  We walked out of Walmart with two large jars of unsweetened applesauce, a small bag of dixie cups, popsicle sticks and a bottle V8  Fusion Light (Strawberry Banana) flavor.  I mean come on people… how can one go wrong with popsicles that are homemade and include fruit, veggies and fiber?!! 🙂  Woot!  We mixed some of the sauce with a bit of juice and set them in the freezer till an after nap time treat.  We just got them out and they were a hit!

Ta Da! My only issue is tha they are pretty large in diameter and it was harder for Johnny to eat it.  Belle got the idea right away to start muching away, but it took Johnny longer to get the idea.  (Although he did not let me take it away- he intended to finish what he started!) 🙂  Anyhow, we might do a few more like this, but ideally I would like to get something like this so it is easier for kids to handle.  Overall though, I am quite pleased!  As are my kids!

And just for the fun of it…check out my two handsome men from this weekend: