Here are just a few that we get called back into their room for each and every night. 🙂

– My toe hurts

– I need a drink

-I forgot to tell Mom something

-What is for breakfast?

-I need to go potty

-It is too dark

-The night light is not bright enough

-My  nose is running

– I have an owie

-Johnny is being loud

-What is that noise outside?

-I’m thirsty

-I’m still hungry

-Can I have another snack?

-I can’t see

-What is for lunch tomorrow?

-Can we paint my toe nails sometime?

-Can I have cheerios for breakfast?

-I love you

-Dad, do you want to eat breakfast with me?

-What day is my birthday?

-Something is scratching me

-See you in the morning

-My pipe (throat) hurts

-What are you and mom doing?

-What day is it tomorrow?

-Why is it bedtime?

-I need to go potty…. again.

-What time is it?

-My tummy hurts

-My bandaid is coming off

-Can I call Mimi tomorrow?

-I’m still thirsty