till Coralville city wide garage sales!  The van is all cleared out and vacuumed and Friday night I intend to put down all the seats to give myself plenty of room to stock up on deals for my kiddos and to flip on craigslist!  Woot!  AND I am not the only person who is excited, I have received countless emails and texts from “non-fanatics” asking for details, lists, ect.  Although I might be the only one blogging about such and event, I am betting there will be quite a few other ‘frugalistas’ heading out bright and early on Saturday am.  For the record, the list of sales is in the Penny Saver in the Gazette today.  I bought my paper this am and now that the kids are down for rest time I plan to have some quality time with my highlighter this afternoon making my plan! I am so excited!  And this is why!

Sorry for the blurry picture.  But this is Belle’s new (to her!) outfit that I snagged at two different sales.  The yellow shirt was all stained and marked at $.25 but it was her size and I decided with my two laundry fighting stain removers Oxiclean and Shout Advanced I had yet to meet a stain that I can’t get out.  (Although this weekend Johnny had a bloody nose and it got on my new white shirt.  With one wash it has “lightened” to yellow… but not sure it is going to come out entirely.)  Anyway, I soaked the yellow shirt and washed it twice and it is as good as new.  The next week I found that skirt for $.50 at another sale and brought it home and viola! We have an outfit that my daughter would live in 24/7 if I let her!  My plan is to clothe my kids for the next 12 months during these next few weeks.  I made a list of what we need and looking forward to scoring some deals!  So how many of you will I see out there on Saturday?!? 🙂