A while back I wrote about not liking my addiction to coffee. I really wanted to give up my afternoon cup of coffee.  And while I have done that and survived the withdrawal headaches… I still sometimes end up needed a small cup of coffee in early evening. Mind you, it was becoming a habit that my 1:30pm coffee was turning into a 4:30pm cup of coffee.  Oh no.  If I put my mind to it, I can usually go without, but I still find myself slipping into needing some sort of pick me up in the afternoons.

Enter my 5lb bag of half caf coffee from Capanna!

I had no idea that I could order half caf beans.  I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before. At Christmas we had ordered Jason’s parents a 5 lb bag of coffee for their gift that was half caf. It got me thinking… we should totally do this!  We had just started a new 5lb bag of our own, so I knew it would be a while.  Last week I finally got to break into my new half caf bag!  And the sweet thing?  No headaches!  I for sure have 1 cup (part milk, remember? 🙂 ) in the morning and so far in the past week it has been about 3 days in the afternoon that I had another small cup.  Thankfully at my last Central Discount run, I snagged about 10 bottles of TAZO Tea and Honest Tea that have been pulling me through on my off days.  Whew!  Who knew this would be such a long and drawn out process?