I was super excited to get to planting my spring flowers this year.  Maybe it was due to the early 80* weather, but I went to Walmart to pick out flowers and they said the flowers on the cart “were not for sale yet”- darn!  I went back the next day and they were finally priced at $1.78 and ready for me to plant!  This year I had some “helpers” for my project. 🙂

First we gathered our supplies:

Johnny had no idea what was going on… but he was excited!!  And those long flower boxes?  I made those last year from a couple of pieces of treated 1×4 lumber from Beisser.  Cost me about $1 (perk of your husband working being employed there- although it is not expensive to begin with!) I designed, measured, used the power saw!, drilled drainage holes in the bottom, sanded and stained the outside for my very own flower boxes.  Jason helped me with the assembly and actually hanging them on the wall.

Then the kids helped me fill the bottom of the flower pots with rocks.

And we needed some fill dirt from the garden for the longer boxes.  I didn’t have enough potting soil.  So my workers got to digging…. and I didn’t have to ask twice! 🙂

The finished project?  Yellow marigolds (in honor of my grandparents WAY back in the day) on the front steps

And pink petunias in the backyard. 🙂  (Notice my clothesline being put to use 🙂 )

Now if I can just remember to keep everything watered and alive! 🙂