I don’t enter many blog “giveways”.  Yes,  sometimes I think I would like what someone is giving away, but then I check the comments section and see that there are 2, 356 comments for the drawing and I don’t bother.  A couple of weeks ago though, I was checking out my friend Lynnette’s blog, Lifestyle Logic and she had a Yoplait giveaway going on from MyBlogSpark.  I think there were like 5 other comments and I thought that I could give this one a try.  Honestly, I had no idea what I was going to win… just wanted to try it out.  Much to my shock and awe, I got a facebook message from her a few days later saying I won!  Sweet!  Everyday I raced to the mailbox to check to see if my prize arrived…. (still not sure what it all was at this point! But who doesn’t like suprise packages in the mail??? 🙂 )  After a week I emailed Lynnette saying that I had not seen my package and she informed me that it might take up to two weeks.  Honestly after that I kind of forgot that it was coming. Until two days ago.  Look what arrived in the mail!

I received an adorable insulated lunch tote, picnic silverware, a calorie counter book and a coupon for 1 free cup of Yoplait yogurt!  I’m so looking forward to the first picnic that we attend so I can pack our lunch in my new little bag!  I have no idea if I will enter many more giveaways, but this was a fun treat!  Thanks Lynnette!