“A generous man will prosper, he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.”- Proverbs 11:25

I enjoy cooking and baking. And I’m a gift giver.  So quite often, my “gift” to people is in the form of food.  Any circumstances count… new baby, hard day, morning sickness, loss of a loved one or just a “come on over for supper!”  I’m fairly certain my Facebook status way back when was something about “the next person to have a baby is getting pizza delivered from Pizza Hut from the Rohlfs!” Somewhere in the midst of two kids and well…. just two kids 🙂 making/delivering meals to people and occationally having people over for supper turned into a real challenge.  And as much “fun” (no stress!) as it would be to dial a number to have dinner delivered for a friend… our budget would not be able to support that over time.  So I decided that I need to come to some conclusions.

The first “a-ha!” moment came for me when our friend Dana brought us dinner after Johnny was born.  (I am so thankful she informed me later that her kids were having a rough time listening and obeying when they delivered dinner… I that was just my experience with kids!- Thanks for your honesty Dana!) Anyway, part of her “dinner” that she delivered was a jar of applesauce.  BRILLIANT!  Why didn’t I think of having a side dish that was already prepared and packaged, ready to go? My ideas of bringing dinner to people had so far been a hot main dish with 1 or 2 hot side dishes and a dessert.  Really? I know.  Getting everything to come out of the oven on time and stay warm for my drive across town….all the while serving my family dinner?  For the love.  Applesauce it is. 🙂  Look out world…. if you are getting dinner from us or coming over… I hope you like applesauce!  Other ideas I’ve had.  I decided to try serving my family leftovers on the night that I am making food for other families.  Seems a bit unfair I know.  But for my sanity, it works.  And my most recent idea?  Creating a menu that I can do in stages.  Like chicken pizza… I can cook and season the chicken earlier in the day and put it in the fridge, ect. Or maybe make dessert the day before.

Call me crazy, but this week I am making 3 meals for 3 different families on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  Now before Jason anyone calls me crazy… here me out.  2 of those families are our neighbors so the delivery time will be next to nothing.  I’ve got the times staggered to give me time to get back to my family and not have to be 2 places at once.  My menu?  Here  you go.  Sorry if Kim, Jess or Ashley you are reading this and your dinner is no longer a suprise! 🙂

1) Individual chicken pizzas on honey wheat english muffins. (Another secret… I’m not making the crust! Just splitting the muffins and spreading on light ricotta cheese).  I will have browned the chicken earlier in the day so I just have to assemble all of these and allow for 15 min for them to cook.

2) Bagged salad – woot!

3) Applesauce cups (I warned you!) on sale last week at HyVee so I stocked up!

4) Boxed cookies – yes I have gone there. 🙂

All of these families also have older children so I wanted to make sure the meal was kid friendly as well.  My kids love eat of these things… so I am hoping they are hit with Bri, Livvie, Jack and Eva.

Anyhow… this is my week of experiements. To see if my “ideas/secrets” really do work.  If I fail this week… Pizza Hut pizza it is!