needed wanted a clothes line.  This is what my deck looked like yesterday.

A few weeks ago, I received a note from my friend Jennifer (in response to I’m more of a hippie than I care to admit* saying she had a challenge for me.  She and her husband lived in Japan for 2 years and they had to air dry all of their clothes.  Since being back in the states she has loved the convenience of having a dryer- but is wondering how to challenge herself and others to live without it more often.  I didn’t think much of the note at first, knowing that it would require more thought and work on my part.  Not to mention… we have no yard. (Also note… our house is for sale, so I have no idea how long we will be here and didn’t want to drop a lot of time/energy/money on this project at this time.  Our next house?  FOR SURE!)

But in the back of my mind I have been thinking about a clothes line and wishing that I had the space to put one up.  This spring has shown me that with both kids up and running and riding bikes, we are going to spend a good portion of the sunny days outside.  So while I am out with them… what is the big deal of putting myself to some work doing some laundry? I was getting used to the idea and actually starting to think that I would enjoy a clothes line.  But again,the issue of no space in our yard.  If we put a line or several lines up, it would totally cramp the back yard with the kids playing and if we had people over… it would be a mess.  I was standing on the hill by my strawberries  yesterday looking down at the space I had and suddenly it dawned on me!  I needed to go mobile!  A mobile clothes line… why didn’t I think of that before???  Something I could put up when I needed to do laundry and then take down the next day if needed.  PERFECT!  I called Jason at work and tried explaining quickly (he was working!!) about my idea.  I knew he was already headed to Lowes over his lunch break so I had hoped he could dream of how to put my idea of a mobile clothes line into action.  I love my man!  Look what he came up with!!

TA-DA!  With 4 simple “clicks” I can now put up or take down my clothes line in a matter of seconds!

From the time I had the idea yesterday mid- morning, to the time last night when he had it assembled… it was about 7 hours!  I’m so excited to have this option now and look forward to hanging laundry while outside with the kids. I was “brave” today and tried the rags and the sheet- but our darks loads load is happily drying in the dryer. 🙂  Baby steps— right? 🙂