Nearly 4 years ago we read the Makers Diet and I first read about the benefits of sourdough bread.  We were trying an “all natural” way of controlling Jason’s colitis instead of going with the traditional “pills” that the doctors wanted him to take.  4 months later, things had not improved and in fact his symptoms were getting worse.  We went back on his maintenance pills (instead of the steroids) and we are praising the Lord that these last 4 years he has been in remission with no additional medications needed.

While I do not agree with several strong statements in that book, I do agree with many of his concepts.  I have found myself over the past 2 years (since we “switched” to eating healthy and reading labels) thinking “wow, I first heard of that when we were doing The Maker’s Diet” but had no idea what he was talking about.  Or how many good ideas this guy had.  Turns out… he was right about a lot of things and we incorporate many of the same ideas into our eating habits.  Anyway, sourdough bread was something I remember him writing about.  A few weeks ago, I came across this blog and saw that some lady had made her own starter.  As I read through her posts each day (going from day 1-8) I liked it for 2 reasons, 1) sourdough bread is more digestible for your gut than traditional store bought bread and 2) the only ingredients are whole wheat flour and water- no sugar!!!  I thought “I could do that”.  So I have.  I bought myself some cheese cloth a few weeks ago and finally got started yesterday. Here was my set up:

I filled my jar with the two cups of flour and cold water and quickly realized I was only going to get Day 1 in my little washed out spaghetti jar.  (She says you can purchase bigger jars at ACE- but I also have large glass bowls, so I figured I could transfer to those for Day 2 and the future).  Here was my jar all mixed together.

And much to my delight, this morning I woke up and my jar looked just like she said it would with the dark liquid on the top!

I drained off the dark liquid and poured the starter into my glass bowl.  I added another cup of whole wheat flour and almost a cup of cold water (although I just realized now as I was re-reading her post she said to use filtered water to remove as much chlorine as possible.  oops.  I will do that from now on… hoping it still works!)  And here is my much larger bowl for my starter to grow and ferment.  I think I should start “smelling” the sourdough in a few days!  So excited!

I will try not to bore you over the next week with identical pictures of what I already posted. 🙂  But I’m hoping to post at least one update before I get to Day 8- bread making day!  I’m wondering- anyone around her own glass or stone baking dishes?  She notes that those are the best for baking sourdough bread as it will take on a “metal” taste if baked in a metal pan.  Or if you see any good deals at Stuff or a garage sale… let me know!

I have no idea if this is a long term thing for us or not… I wanted to make that assesment after this first round.  AND I would defintely need to invest in a grinder to make my own flour to make it more economical.  But that is jumping WAY ahead of myself. 🙂  I’m just a planner and always thinking of the next step.  Here’s to baby steps to better digestion!