Much to my shock and awe, my stash was dwindling and I decided that another trip to Central Discount was going to be a good idea.  Sarah couldn’t make it this time, so I talked to my friend Rach into a trip with us. This included 1 van, 2 mommas, and 5 car seats.  Check it:

You can see Isaiah’s socks… but he was facing backwards! 🙂 And let me tell you those getting those seat belts buckled in that back row between all three car seats was quit the feat!

Anyhow, we got on our way around 7:54am and arrived at our destination (which was 15 miles away) 1 hour later.  Don’t ask me why… but I got Hwy 1 and Hwy 6 mixed up in my head.  We arrived in the Amana Colonies instead of in Kalona and had to navigate our way back.  Sorry Rach!  Thankfully, we had stocked the kids with dry cereal and drinks and somehow riding in the car for an hour with friends is WAY more fun than normal.  The shelves at Central Discount were not quite as stashed as last time (or maybe it was just different stuff) but the kids did great and Rachel and I both walked away with quite a lot of loot! 🙂  Here is what I bought for $27.15.

And, since everyone was still cheerful by the time we left the store, we decided to stop at the Kalona Cheese store and look in some windows to see how the cheese is made.

Home school lesson for the day!  (Sorry… I can’t get that picture to rotate). AND  we managed to purchase some fresh and squeaky cheese curds for $4.50 per pound… ouch!  But they are so… worth it!  Plus, I just saved a ton of money for our April grocery budget, so it was a fun treat!   The cheese curds were a hit by all!

The 15 mile drive home seemed like a breeze and the kids rode bikes for a while once we got home to blow off some steam.  It is amazing how much bundled up energy happens when riding in a car for that amount of time!  Yeah for field trips!