As a child, I loved dandelions.  Not because they were specifically dandelions but because they were flowers.  I’m a huge flower lover! Some people can’t stand the thought of money being wasted on a purchase that will die in a few days, but I’m not that kind of girl.  My favorite flowers are gerber daisies and tulips.  But I enjoy most any flower.  Ahem….back to my childhood. 🙂

I would be crushed when my dad would mow and all the flowers would be gone for a day or two.  Or when he would spray the lawn and they would all go away for good. All growing up our neighbors had their entire lawn COVERED in dandelions as they were the mom’s favorite flower.  (I have no idea how that happened!  I have not met such an adult since. :))  I grew up loving their lawn and thinking they were so lucky to have so many flowers in their yard.

Then I started to grow up.  And learned that these lovely yellow flowers were indeed annoying weeds and I quickly fell out of love with them.  It seemed like they were everywhere, including the yard of our first home as a married couple.  The lawn at our duplex was awful.  Patchy, full of weeds, and had small “trees” of some sort growing all over so you couldn’t walk bare foot without piercing skin on the bottom of your foot.  Weird.  Anyway, I was not a fan of that lawn. Especially once we had Belle.  I couldn’t let her play outside barefoot and it was covered with dandelions.  I was ready to rid the lawn of those awful yellow flowers.

That is… until my daughter discovered how to pick them and give them to me as a “gift”. Talk about melting a momma’s heart.  Where else can one just let their little one loose and allow them to pick any and all flowers to their heart’s content.  She has continued this tradition each and every spring, bringing me handfuls of the little yellow flowers.  This spring, she taught her brother how much momma loves flowers and yesterday they came inside with these:

Since that spring 3 years ago, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really do love these flowers.  Not so much because I love the look or the smell, but rather the look of delight and anticipation as my two little ones come running to me saying “FLOWERS!” waiting for me to gush all over the place thanking them for thinking of me and then turning the task of “finding the perfect vase” (yes, those are just glasses this time!) into a sort of ceremony.  Filling up the vases with water and letting the kids painstakingly place their flowers for mom in just the right place.

Thanks for loving on me kiddos.  I will forever have a fond place in my heart for yellow dandelions.