Growing up, Easter Sunday was a very exciting time in our house.  With 4 girls, the amount of dresses, tights, white shoes, hats and gloves was overwhelming.  We had so much fun getting “dressed up” for that special day.

Fast forward to now, we attend a house church.  Which means you can show up in flip flops and a cut off t-shirt every week if you would like.  I rarely have “church/wedding/funeral” clothes on hand for the kids because we just don’t use them.  However, the last few years we have gone to  visit Jason’s parents in Garner, IA for Easter and attend their traditional Luthern church.  Hello dress clothes! I get pretty excited and start dreaming usually in Feb of what the kids get to wear and how I can score a good deal on additional pieces (usually shoes) that I need.  Thankfully due to a gift card from Kohls and a 3-piece suit from a garage sale for John Boy for $3 last year, we were pretty much covered.  I only had to get shoes for the both of them and found what I needed for $7 per pair at Walmart.  We had a “dress rehearsal” earlier last week to make sure everything fit them and they looked so darn cute and grown up.  I will post pictures after this weekend.

Feb and March go by and I am excited to get the kids dressed up for a special occation.  Then comes the sinking feeling in my gut that Momma needs to go to church as well and look presentable.  (Daddy isn’t a big deal since he has work clothes he can wear)  But seeing as how I have been a size 8-15 in the last 5 years, it seems like finding something cute and that fits at a certain point in the year is nearly impossible.  We splurged last year and I bought a dress for Easter and loved wearing it.  I got that out a week ago and tried it on and you know what???? It is too big!!! 🙂  How exciting and depressing at the same time!  I might just end up wearing it and seeing if I can pin it in a few places.  I really loved it.  However, I decided that since I have lost weight, I must have something else somewhere tucked in a bin that might work for Easter Sunday.  I pulled out everything I thought might work and laid it out on the couch.  (Granted, I have not tried it all on yet.  So I might not quite have all of these options to work with.)  But I was amazed at the theme I saw going on here.

Hahahaha!  Hilarious!  Apparently I have stuck with school of thought that black is slimming when it comes to my dress clothes. 🙂  Good thing my honey likes it when I wear black. 🙂  Notice the skirt and the dress are both black and white floral?  They were bought a good two years apart.  And I really like black and white photos… hmmm. I think I need some color here.  Maybe next year (so I can plan ahead and find a good deal!) I might do something really drastic and wear a pink dress or something.  Or even better, I will keep losing weight over the next year and ask Sarah if I can borrow her red dress. 🙂