It all started over a year ago when someone little decided to pee on our bedroom comforter during a diaper change.  Well, our comforter doesn’t fit in our washer so I had to improvise.  I decided to wash the area with hot water and use a little soap and then rince the area out.  Very quickly the little area that I got wet decided to grow into a huge wet mess.  Imagine me trying to lug our king size comforter through the kitchen and under the faucet.  Little did I know that the soap suds would seep through to the other side as well.  Needless to say, I think I got the pee out, but the comforter had a spot on both sides that looked like this:

Awesome, isn’t it? 🙂  It really didn’t bother me that much, but my husband would mention every once and a while.  I would quickly come up with some excuse about it because of the following:

1) Although I have never used coined laundry at a laundry mat, the idea totally grosses me out

2) The places always seem a little shady

3) Germs, germs, germs- ick.

4) Pay extra money for laundry?  No thank you.

5) Take 2 kids to the laundromat along with my king size comforter?  Sounds like a not great time to me!

6) Did I mention the idea of all kids of people washing all sorts of things in the same washer gives me the willies? 🙂

However, it came to this.  I received a free sample of Tide in the mail this week (which I can’t use in my washer because the detergent was not HE) so I figured I would just give it to someone.  Then it was so nice one of the afternoons this past week and the kids were doing ok that day.  I decided to be brave, not think about the germ factor and surprise my honey with a soap sud free comforter.  Plus, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tide detergent, so the idea of washing my laundry with my free sample kind of got me excited.  Ok, I got really excited!  So off we went!  I grabbed my $3.50 in quarters (thinking that would be plenty for a wash) got the kids up from naps, packed some snacks and headed off.

My game plan was to throw the comforter in the was in the laundromat next to our chiropractor’s office.  That way we could walk across the street, get adjusted and be back at the end of the wash cycle.  Much to my chagrin the Duds and Suds place I was planning to go to, went out of business.  Perfect.  We went to our appointment and I decided I would give one other place in Coralville a try.  At first I thought this place had gone out of business as well, but then realized the entrance was just on the side of the building.  In we went and much to my horror (holding my large comforter and 2 kids off and running) I saw this sign:

My “hot wash” that I was planning to use was $4.75!  Are you kidding me?  What happened to $2 for a load of laundry? Apparently, those are the little washers.  If I wanted to use a big one designed for comforters and rugs… then it was going to cost me a whopping $4.75.  Thankfully my wallet had a good 7 quarters in it, so between making sure Johnny didn’t catch his fingers in the swinging doors, reading the directions, putting in the soap and quarters (each kid wanted to help too)… we finally got the washer started.  Thank goodness it was only going to take 25 min.  Here we go:

And of course, my little helpers:

(This was right before Belle informed me that Johnny was playing with the outlets… whew!)

And much to my delight, one of my favorite cooking shows was on, Rachael Ray… one of the reasons I miss having T.V.!

However, the kids did not think it was all that great of a show.  They had much more fun crashing these:

The entire 25 min, all I heard from Johnny was “I ride?”  “I ride?”   Nope, sorry little man.

However, I did learn that IF I ever need to come back to this place again and I decide to leave my little helpers at home… I can go high tec and use this:

Sweet. 🙂

All in all, we survived.  I finally was able to put my overactive imagination into “non-overdrive” mode and just not think about the germ factor.  25 min after we arrived we concluded our little adventure by bringing our wet comforter home to hang out on the deck.  (No way was I going to pay $.25 per 6 min to get it dry!- Also why I picked the sunny afternoon to get the job done.) We now have a clean (really?  how clean is it?  what germs are in there…. ok, i’m done) comforter that smells awesome and has no soap suds stains.  I have a ton of respect for anyone who does not have laundry in their home… especially if you have kids.  Amazing!  Next time I see someone hauling laundry somewhere… I fully intend to stop and lend a hand.  And I  plan to keep extra quarters in my van just in case! 🙂