For those of you who know my mother… you would not believe that she was cablable of birthing any hippie babies.  (Turns out there are a few of us in the making)  She is a full – blooded girlie girl who  loves her some air conditioning and no camping!  I remember the ONE time we went camping, she brought extension cords and a box fan for noise in the tent. 🙂 But I love her all the same and I’m ok with not “roughing” it sometimes either.  In fact, IF we take our kids camping this summer, I fully intend on taking our blow up air mattress. 🙂  Haha.  I love you mom!

In the past several months,  I’ve really been getting into this homemaking thing.  I’m sure those of you who have read this blog for a longer amount of time, have seen all the experiments and “ideas” that I come up with each week.  Part of it is a desire to be excellent at what I do, part of it is to see if I can save our family money with my so – called “job” and part of it is a desire to stretch myself and use my brain to do more than make the same things over and over for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  My newest desire is to make my own homemade sourdough bread .  In fact, today at Walmart I purchased the cheese cloth that I would need to start this little adventure.  We are going to be gone this weekend though, so IF I go through with this, it will most likely be next week.

I was telling Jason last night of all of the things that I would like to do if I had the space.  I would love to grind my own wheat to make my own whole wheat flour and I would love to have an orchard of fruit treas, a large garden and a goat for milk and lots of chickens for fresh eggs.  Basically I informed him that I could use a big-ol’- rambling farm house with a couple of acres of land and I would be one happy wife. 🙂 (He then informed me that he would plow me a wheat field so I could grow my own wheat before I grind it. 🙂 Perfect. )  There is just something about making things myself, controlling the pesticides and COST and training my kids to be able to survive without having to rely on Fareway and Walmart.  *Sigh*  Maybe some day.  (But for now, I’m completely content to be within walking distance of Target to score my sweet deals 🙂 )

The other thing that I am very excited about right now is composting.  If  you have seen our backyard, you would understand that there is no space for a compost pile.  Every part of the yard is within a few feet of the entrance to the backyard, the patio or the play area.  It is super tight.  But after going to the grocery store last week and cutting/preparing all my food for the week, I had this leftover that I hated to throw away.

I just couldn’t bring myself to throw that food away in a plastic sack.  So I promtly went out to the garden and dumped it all over the ground.  I’m hoping to purchase something like this but my REAL goal (once I get that huge farm house 🙂 ) is this.   The nice thing about our little yard is that I can walk out on the back deck and dump the kitchen contents over the rail and into the garden… the kids get a kick outa that.  I look forward to teaching them more of what happens to the food and conducting experiments with them.  I’m sure it will be a good time!

*And I know a good number of you are out there going “she’s no hippie” and I know I’m not one for real.  I still very much enjoy some mascara, deodorant, a nice pair of high heels with long jeans and carmel lattes.  I’m just saying… I’m growing. :)*