There is something completely overwhelming about trying to combine 6 years of two little one’s “lives” on a piece of paper for a babysitter.  Now, although I like to be organized and I’m a planner, I’m not the overbearing kind when it comes to someone else taking care of my kids.  While I will leave suggestions and ideas… I’m ok with food being changed or outings getting switched.  My REAL goal in writing things down for people is so they don’t get “stuck” with a screaming child (yes, mine tend to do this) and not know what to do. For the longest time it seemed like taking care of kids is not that big of deal… and for the most part it isn’t.  But when mom and dad leave overnight (or two nights for us this weekend!) things get a little more complicated.  Like… ahem…. bed time.  When our nightly ritual list gets longer and longer.  Or how you have to leave 45 suggestions of what to do if your nearly 2 year old son wakes up in the middle of the night and decides “it’s not sleepy time anymore”… yeah that gets overwhelming.  I chalk it up to many, many, M-A-N-Y years of babysitting to know it is no fun to be with a screaming child and have no idea what is wrong.

Thankfully, Belle is turning into a lil’ momma and pretty much knows the ropes around here.  Sometimes, her talking all the time can be a good thing. 🙂 I’m sure if Aunt Lindsy needs anything this weekend, Belle can tell her what to do.  But we left the kids in Jan for 2 nights (yes, I totally forgot to give Amy the house key and we had to come home that night and let them in the house… organized much?) and they did fine.  But I seriously had a list three lists with about 8 additional sticky notes of “important information” all over the house.  I never did ask Amy if it was helpful.  Perhaps I should do that before I go through an entire notebook trying to give Lindsy a head’s up of what goes on around here.

Did I mention that I’m excited to get away with my honey for the weekend at a couple’s conference?  So excited!

AND a HUGE shout out of thanks for L-Jo Rohlf for making the trip down to watch the kids!  I will try to remember everything for you!! 🙂