The kids were playing outside today, mostly riding bikes and Johnny playing with some sort of ball.  I was texting a few ppl and a few min later I looked up to find this:

I asked Belle what she was doing and she informed me that she was having a garage sale.  Those bikes were the “free pile” :).

She was then setting up the otherside of the driveway to look like this:

I quickly put away my phone and asked her if she wanted me to come buy something at her garage sale.  She was so excited and quickly took her place of “manning her sale” 🙂

I walked down the side walk a few drive ways and came back.  Walking up the drive way I smiled and introduced myself (another great time to work on introductions, smile, look them in the eye, be friendly, firm handshake, ect) and we talked about her deals. Her bikes turned out to be $5 each add that to the $4 mower I “purchased” and we ended up with several math lessons as well.  Then Belle decided she wanted to be the buyer.  So we set things up again and off she went to “find the garage sale”.

Turned out to be a great game and everybody enjoyed.  A few training moments here and there and an opportunity for her to expand her imagnation.  Oh, and Johnny was pleased with his finds at the sale as well. 🙂