I scored this baby last weekend on Craigslist for pennies on the dollar!

Not sure what I had in mind…. well, ok, 2 things.  We could keep it and use it or I could flip it and start my 2010 season of flipping deals on craigslist to double my money.  My husband came home from work and I showed him what I bought and he quickly informed me that we don’t need to move it with us in the next several months… so I should sell it.  I was slightly disappointed to not keep it (you know for all those little league games we go to… not so much yet! 🙂 but excited to see where and how much my flips can make over the next several months.  This cooler is going to be item #1!  Jason said I could have the leftover money in our 5 yr anniversary fund that we didn’t this last Jan. as my starter fund.  Last year I made about $400 in profit and learned a lot of lessons in my buying and flipping deals.  I have higher goals this year (each flip to turn at least $5 or $10…. last year I just bought whatever I thought would flip and ended up with a lot of little misc that went to Stuff)- so larger items and things that are not seasonal.  (IE- I don’t plan on buying a bunch of winter coats now and watiting until Sept to list them)  I want the items I purchase to be able to be flipped in a matter of days.  Here’s to a hobby I enjoy and hopefully coming out with profit at the end! 🙂